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 How I can assign an Agent as a Supervisor Agent for Quality Management & Speech Analytics

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Gerardo Gomez Vargas posted 04-30-2024 10:40

Hello team, I need to assign one of my agents as an Agent Supervisor for other 3 agents.  I have added the Agent Supervisor for each of the three agents in this screen:

But when I search in "searchEvaluations" appears another agent supervisor:

I'm missing something?

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David Maxelon

Agent name is showing in the filter - you may want to remove that (unless a test agent...)

 The system doesn't seem to be very good at updating the supervisor, but I see that's an old evaluation - if you do a new one does it show the new supervisor?

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Level 2 Contributor Ben Fischer

As Dave eluded, Agent Supervisor is at the time of the interaction. If you change supervisor, all records before the change will retain the old supervisor (as that was the supervisor at the time of the interaction. If a supervisor of 10 years left, you'd want all those old records to retain who was the supervisor at the time.