David Maxelon

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I am a senior BA for London borough of Barking and Dagenham, I have a strong background in local government, customer services, project management, data analysis, user experience and all aspects of IT. 

I am 8x8 system admin for customer services, I develop and deploy our IVR and the author of our strategy for the next ten years including on how we intend to use AI to support our residents.

Our short term challenges with 8x8 are getting the reporting and insight we need is not practical using 8x8 Analytics and I have been working to connect Power BI to the reporting API's so that we can automate reporting properly and also use power bi to analyse larger data sets to identify and evidence trends properly.

Our medium term challenge is that we want to lead on implementing a voice bot to supplement our IVR so that we can offer a lot more automated processes 24/7 - we expect to have this offering benefits by the end of 2023.

Being a local government we do have a number of issues with siloed working, vulnerable customers, being the only option for customers and of course politics and we're hoping that using a voice bot we can be the lead solution to overcome these problems.