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 What license is needed for an a loud ringer?

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Jordan Nolan posted 02-10-2024 04:18

We have Poly VVX 350 phones in some noisy areas, so we got a few of those Algo 8180 Loud Ringers.  They need extensions of their own to work, but using my existing X2 licenses is clearly a waste so I wanted to see what is the cheapest license that will work with the devices.

They way they are setup to ring is:

  • Poly Phone has X2 license and Ext 1000
  • Loud Rigner has X2 license and Ext 1001
  • Loud Rigner (Ext 1001) has all forwarding options disabled
  • Poly (Ext 1000) has custom forwarding rule:
    • Forward to Select Users
    • Both 1000 and 1001 (Poly and Ringer)
    • Ring for 20 seconds, then go to Voice Mail

Not sure if the country matters, but they will be at site in Canada.