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 Voicemail Playback Options

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Rachel Preston posted 04-26-2024 14:38


We are hoping to find a way to mimic a functionality we had on our previous phone system with 8x8.

Previously, users were able to begin playing their voicemail through the desktop phone application but the playback came through their deskphone. So they would press play on the voicemail within the app, lift their handset and then listen to the message.

We do not utilize softphone at our institution. Every user has a physical phone. Our office environment is one where confidentiality is important. 

If a user presses play in the 8x8 application, the voicemail plays automatically from their computer speakers. 

If they want to listen to voicemail through their phone, they have to use a PIN to access. Whereas on the app they are already authenticated.

Is there a way to set voicemail to play through the deskphone if the user clicks play on the application? Or is this a functionality 8x8 would consider adding?

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Level 2 Contributor Alison Stewart

Hi Rachel, Thank you for contributing to the 8x8 Community.  At present, it isn't possible to play the voicemail through the phone when pressing play in the application.  You can open a feature request for this to be logged with our Product Team, please let me know if you need help.