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 eFax for group/department

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Dan Hoffmann posted 10-05-2022 05:19
What is the best way to setup an eFax account for a dept?
We have a few depts with a centralized fax machine.  I want to replace this with an eFax account.
My understanding is that to send outbound, each users needs their own eFax #.  I can set notifications to a group email address, but my concern is how best to handle the actual incoming fax.  Is this tied to only 1 person or can this be accessible to a group of users?

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Level 1 Contributor Jahmal Abbott

Hi Dan,

Internet fax numbers are tied to user profiles with 8x8 Work. 

To share this among a group or department, one idea is to create a user profile dedicated to a specific group (I.e sales fax) and assign a fax number to share.

You can setup email notifications as well to alert a group email or individual users.

Below you'll find a video that gives a general overview of Internet faxing within 8x8 Work which may help in designing this setup for your organization.

Internet Fax - 8x8 Cloud Phone System