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Jay Pandya posted 11-24-2022 01:09

Hello All, 
I have come across a Direct Debit/payment issue with 8X8, which has left our services suspended and seems no one is able to help. Below is a small description about the issue that we are facing, I need some advice/assistance to this issue. Any help would be much appreciated. 

We are using 8X8 Service since 2 years we have a direct debit set on our account, recently I changed the mode of direct debit. Due to some technical reason, the bank declined the direct debit. I received no notification from 8X8 regarding the same, I never used to receive notification when the payments were done, but I did not bother because the service was running smooth. However, when this happened and suddenly the services stopped at midnight it raised the concern following which I called the customer support(0207 096 6060) at 04am GMT spoke to an customer support executive who was kind enough to reactivate the lines and helped me raise a Case (8x8 Support Case #: C4345453). He assured me that someone will get in touch later in the day to assist me with making the payment. 

Nobody got in touch whole day I called again in afternoon to follow up on our case, for which I was said that the Billing team in the USA will be able to help and someone will get in touch however nobody got in touch and again our services were suspended. Causing me loss of business, Embarrassment etc. 

This Morning I called customer support again requesting to reactivate the lines but the person says he cannot do it as he is from US Billing team. I doubt his statement because I got an instant fix the day before and today the person was unable to help. While I am writing this I am on call with Customer support since 08am GMT it's almost a hr. without resolution, and now I am waiting for UK Billing team to answer my query. 

In a nutshell, my experience is not good and that is not because of 8X8 staff but because of lack of good communication between internal teams and the support team siting in frontline with very basic access. I mean they are just sitting there to raise a case and give false assurances. 

 Thank you 

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Level 1 Contributor Alison Stewart
Good Morning Jay 

I am sorry you are experiencing problems with your account.  I have taken this to the Manager of the area dealing with your account, she will arrange a callback shortly.

Thankyou for your feedback.
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Jay Pandya

It is more than 24hrs since I have raised this query and have been chasing. I know 24hrs might not be a very long time but when the services of whole company is suspended for 24 minutes it's a very long time. And we are with suspended service for more than 10hrs now. I need someone to call me asap The consultant who deals with my query don't have 5 minutes of her time to call me and help me with my query, Below is her response. If she cannot answer, someone else should have been assigned to help us. 

This is absolutely unacceptable. I have been on call with customer support since 08am and its 11:15 now still no one has come on phone