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 Automated emails for voice recording

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Tom Aylmer posted 06-01-2022 15:40
Hello, I seem to be getting an automated email every time I have had a call since voice recording has been enabled. Does anyone know how to turn off these email notifications?
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Steve ONeal
hi Tom,

That is the default behavior.   But, I'm pretty sure that can be disabled on the back end.  It would require reaching out to support to get a ticket opened.
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Level 1 Contributor Pat Appleby
You should be able to disable under user settings.
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Ken Berta
The Voicemail setting does not affect the notifications for recorded calls - these can only be disabled by opening a ticket with support.  The change will require a system restart which will prevent any calling for 3 to 7 minutes - you can request that the restart be performed at a certain time after your normal business hours.  I have requested this for my system as well as many of my customers that do not want the notifications.