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 8x8 Contact Center - making clicking the wrap up button mandatory

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Glen Blow posted 09-21-2022 09:49
Hi everyone

I'm one of the product management team for 8x8 Contact Center.  We've had some feedback that when you have one or more mandatory transaction codes​ that customers would like their staff to have to press the wrap up button to save their changes.

Currently, if all mandatory transaction codes have a value, then when the wrap up timer has elapsed in Agent Workspace, then the agent is automatically taken into Available (or pending state if selected) without having to press the wrap up button.  This differs from Agent Console where you have to press the continue button to confirm the selections.

Question is - would customers like us to make pressing the Wrap Up button mandatory, when there are mandatory transaction codes?

Many thanks

*Agent Workspace = New agent experience  /  Agent Console = Classic agent experience