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Greg Parrish posted 12-28-2021 06:17
I missed several extremely important "messages" sent to my desk while I was away. Is there a way to:
  • Forward Messages
  • Turn off Messages
  • Auto-Reply to Messages
Any help would be appreciated.
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Level 1 Contributor Jahmal Abbott

Hi Greg,

A few questions to help answer your question  

What type of messages were missed while you were away (voicemail and/or SMS/chat messages)?

Also, which mode of communication were these messages missed on? For instance, was this your desk phone or from the Work Desktop or Mobile apps?

If we’re speaking of voicemail messages from  a phone, there’s a few options to change the greeting from the voicemail menu.

Here’s a link to reference:

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Greg Parrish
The sms/chat messages were at my computer at my desk. It is great to send messages from my desk, but not if I can't get the responses when I am away from my desk. I do not use the mobile app.
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Level 1 Contributor Paul Chase
For SMS/IM, if you are not using the mobile app (recommended to use for this reason), if you LOG OUT of the desktop/web application, you will be emailed your IM/SMS messages after a short period think it is like 30 min I would have to look it up. This is the default behavior, and no setup is necessary (other than to have a valid email address in your profile)
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Level 1 Contributor Jahmal Abbott

Another option to consider is to update your presence status from the Desktop app indicating that you’re away from the office.

Some of my colleagues will provide options to reach them while their out and others say they’ll get back to them once they return.

Here’s another link which describes the use case and how to set this up.