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Steve Simpson posted 01-20-2022 02:46
Hi everyone,

Relatively new 8x8 customer here. Since we have been on the platform we have noticed that when various updates or changes have been deployed it has affected they way in which we can use some of the features. I think this has been particularly relevant to us because we are using MS Teams as our front end and the integration there is evolving quite a lot.

I wonder if it's possible to subscribe to notifications when updates are applied to any element of our tenant or integration elements that we choose? I'm happy to trawl through release notes, etc. but knowing when integrations or feature updates are being applied would be useful? Does anyone know if we can do that? 

Thanks in advance.

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Level 1 Contributor Jahmal Abbott

Hi Steve,

I’ve been getting email notifications on product updates 8x8’s newsletter called In The Loop. 

It does a good job of explaining product updates and providing notice to items that are end of life. 

While I couldn’t find anything related to your MS Teams integration, this newsletter is a start to stay on top of the changes. 

I’m not sure exactly how I signed up for this but if you want to send a private message with your email, then I can forward the referral link from this month. 

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AMA Expert Andy Rawll
Hi Steve

You can subscribe to the various update communications, including the monthly 'In the Loop' newsletter here:

If you log-in to this portal ( or via SSO (, the above URL should display any current preference settings associated with your email address.

As regards the 8x8 Voice for Microsoft Teams integration, I hosted an Ask Me Anything session on the Open Forum a few months ago, which you can review  here:

The 8x8 Support Knowledge Base includes an FAQ, which is updated periodically:

The latest solution guide on our solution (which is linked from our newsletter) is here:

In addition, we publish a quarterly digest of the latest announcements, improvements, enhancements and update on all our solutions here:

In the last six months we added support for Presence Synchronization (between MS Teams and 8x8 Work / 8x8 Agent Console) as well as adding call recording playback as an additional menu item within the Teams user interface (via the custom 8x8 tab). We also confirmed that 8x8 Contact Center is now Microsoft Solution Certified. As a Microsoft developer partner, we continue to reference the latest API toolkits and capabilities as part of the Direct Routing based solution that we launched just under two years ago. Watch this space for news on what's coming next.

We included an update in the October 2021 issue of the 'In the Loop' newsletter:

The 8x8 Voice For Teams product page is here:

Support resources:

Finally, we host a weekly live demo of our Microsoft Teams integration, which is regularly updated to include the latest capabilities and also provides a good opportunity to post questions:

Best regards

Andy Rawll
8x8 UCaaS Product Marketing
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Steve Simpson
Thanks so much for these replies. They have been super helpful.