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 Outbounding from a call queue in 8x8 Works

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Phil Middleton posted 04-05-2022 01:28

When logged into a call queue in 8x8 Works is it possible to make an outbound call from that queue as opposed to it being from the user's DDI? If so can someone please explain how?

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Neil Schofield
Hi Phil

As far as I know, you can only set the external cli from 8x8 work, as long as its a shared cli. Because you can have multiple ddi's going to a group, its down to the user to select which one they send if different numbers are required to be passed over. In call queue config, you can select external caller id/Use Caller ID which allows the user to select the number from the drop down box in the 8x8 work app, rather than logging into their admin page to change it.

Hope that helps
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Level 1 Contributor Paul Chase
I am not 100% on your use case but you can use the callto protocol included with WorkD to achieve this. 

  • callto://4155551212/+18880001111
    • 4155551212 is your contact's phone number 
    • +18880001111 is the Caller ID number 

Here is an example in Salesforce
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Level 1 Contributor Paul Chase
Another option is to manage this directly in WorkD using "Shared Phone numbers" See