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 Windows Defender Firewall Configuration

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Doug Shaner posted 02-01-2022 07:29
Does anyone know the specifics of configuring Windows Defender Firewall to ensure it does not interfere with 8x8 VCC?  We have the network requirements documents and suggested firewall settings, but they do not seem to apply directly to the Windows Firewall.  For example, Windows Firewall allows all outbound traffic by default, so there is no need to create an outbound rule right?  There are also suggestions in the documentation for setting TCP and UDP timers, but I don't see those settings in the Windows Firewall.

We have been having significant issues recently with various services and features locking up and/or malfunctioning.  8x8 support suggests this may be due to Windows Defender Firewall settings, but they say they are not able to provide us with suggested settings that are specific to Windows Defender Firewall.
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Level 1 Contributor Paul Chase
Windows Defender by default will allow 8x8 work traffic out, if you have modified it, I would recommend looking at the technical requirements doc to understand how your modifications would impact 8x8 work.

Also ensure you allowed work to egress through your firewall. see below images