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 Voicemail Notification Update - No Transcription?

IT Service Desk Joan Oakes's profile image
IT Service Desk Joan Oakes posted 11-17-2023 07:46

What with the recent update to 8x8's voicemail services (the change in how they send the voicemail notification emails specifically), the ring group we have set up for one of our sites has stopped receiving transcriptions of the voicemails. I've searched high and low on the admin console for anything related to voicemail transcription and can't figure out why only one of our sites has stopped receiving transcriptions. All of the users have it enabled, our master template has it enabled, so I'm stumped.

Am I missing something? Where would I find out how to enable this for a ring group that was receiving transcriptions before the email update? Mostly wondering if this is something I can fix myself without the need of making a support ticket.