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 Ring Groups dropping calls?

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Michael Mahoney posted 10-02-2023 09:02

Hello all. I have a series of ring groups set to forward to other ring groups: E.G. - Ringroup 1 -> Ringroup 2 -> Ringgroup 3. 

This simulates out admin coverage for executives. Well, after Ringroup 1 receives the calls and tries to forward to Ringroup 2 the call drops. I've replicated this setup for another user with different ring group members and the results are the same.

DND is disabled for both users

Presence is available. 

This use to work but no longer. I have no clue what the issue could be and support is investigating but considering the ambiguity of the cause they arent near a solution yet. I've looked at the KB that makes a few suggestions but so far those arent working. 

Any help is appreciated.

EDIT: For whatever reason I cant reply to replies in this thread. The "reply" button is missing for me, yet available on other threads. 

To answer your question, it does not go to voicemail. THe call "dies". Looking at analytics for the ring group and caller Im not seeing anything that stands out. I forgot to add, this happens only when 4-digit dialing from handset to handset (poly E500 to poly E450/400). If I call from my cell to the 8x8 number the ring groups perform as expected.

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Jonathan Lynn

When you say it drops, does it go to the ring group voicemail?

I'd personally suggest getting the PBX flag which controls "Server side DND : Always Forward to VM status" changed from the default "True" to "False" as this seems to do more than meets the eye.

If you look up the call legs in Analytics for 8x8 work can you see what is happening?

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Justin Mangano


Can you speak to your experience with this a bit “I'd personally suggest getting the PBX flag which controls "Server side DND : Always Forward to VM status"”

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Jonathan Lynn

Hi Justin,

I’ve found out that this flag covers scenarios where the PBX doesn’t know how to route the call.

But in reality, if a ring group is being as a “link in a chain” such as Auto Attendant > Main Ring Group > Overflow Ring Group, if all the members in the main ring group are set to DND, then instead of following the call forwarding rules to send calls to the overflow ring group, the calls stop at the main ring group voicemail.

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Jonathan Lynn

Based on your 4-digit dialling comment, it sounds like it may be a dial plan issue rather than anything else.

Do the handsets themselves have any call forwarding set up?