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 Content Analytics - timeframe

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Matthew Grant posted 05-22-2023 07:00

HI, does anybody know the time frame that content analytics interactive map is measured over or whether this can be adjusted?


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Christopher Nicholson

Hi Matt,

From what I understand its cumulative so all time - in terms of a bespoke configuration, I don't think so (other than when you add new topics you can back-date them for a maximum of 6 months - although it takes mine about a day to update due to volumes). 

Potentially 8x8 could 'customise' the view for you but this would come at a cost - best to speak to your Customer Success Manager or Account Manager to see what's possible.


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Matthew Grant

Thanks Chris, a shame that it isn't flexible, its not very useful as a tool unless you can change the timeframe and be able to recognise trends immediately.