8x8 Day


We're thrilled to announce the lucky winners of our 8x8 Day Celebration! 🎉🌞

Congratulations to the following winners, who have each won a fantastic Trek FX+ 2 electric bike, the ultimate companion for outdoor adventures:


Customer:   Derek Fitzpatrick, ios Optics
Partner:       Kelly Sutton, Peak UpTime
Employee:   Kelly Cohan, 8x8

Customer:   Ross Hartwig, Finglow Consultants
Partner:       Gavin Bell, Agilisys
Employee:   Andrei Mateiu, 8x8

Asia Pacific
Customer:    Josh Lukins, Peoplecare Health Insurance
Partner:        Michael Clark, CXTT Consulting
Employee:    Paulo Rosana, 8x8

Everyone is a winner with 8x8!  For celebrating 8x8 Day with us, we are pleased to share a copy of the exclusive “What’s Cooking at 8x8” cookbook, filled with mouthwatering recipes straight from our talented employees' kitchens, and inspiring stories of our dazzling 8x8 customers who are rocking the food and beverage industry! Download it here.

Wishing you all happiness, success, and lots of delicious delights! 🌈🍽️


The 8x8 Team