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 Caller name showing as a colleague...the worlds greatest mystery...

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Christopher Nicholson posted 03-01-2023 07:45

Hi everyone,

As has anyone seen an issue whereby a call interaction is labelled as a colleague name within 8x8 work?

So, call connects (can be outbound or inbound) but the record shows as being from a single colleague. We think it had something to do with her corporate telephone number being one of our main phone lines...and somehow any calls from/into that number now show as her. We've removed it but issue persists.

Any help/advice/counselling welcome.


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Jonathan Lynn

If you lookup that number in Admin Console in the "Phone Numbers" section, Is "Enabled" shown against "External Caller ID", if so, click on the 3 vertical dots, click "Edit shared Caller ID" and enter whatever name you would like this to show instead.